Companies conduct due diligence prior to an acquisition to assess the business from all angles prior to purchasing it. This process can reveal potential risks, and is an important step to lower the risk. Due diligence can be conducted for a variety of reasons, such as M&As capital raising, IPOs, and divestitures. To streamline the process of due diligence and minimize liability, companies utilize a secure due-diligence data room.

It’s important to choose a data room that offers the best features. For instance, certain data rooms have drag-and drop uploads and bulk file upload tools to make it easy to set up. Additionally, some provide automatic index numbering, which helps create an organized structure for folders that allow to make it easier and faster navigation of documents. Other features that are essential include full-text search, based on OCR technology, as well as various tags and labels that speed up document searching.

Upload your documents after you’ve chosen the right due diligence dataroom. Next, you need to invite participants and grant access to your platform. To speed up the collaboration process you can utilize virtual data rooms features such as rights specification, task role arrangement and activity tracking for more effective governance.

After uploading the files, you can begin to arrange your folders in order to create a more comfortable layout for your project. Make sure the most important files, together with the categories for financial data, legalities and intellectual property, physical assets and environmental health and security, are at the top of your structure.

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